For the 2-milers

This is Emily.
2-Milers: Emily
She cuts my hair in the classic Lulu haircut.
2-Milers: Haircut
She also plays some music:
2-Milers: Guitar
Note: Artistic liberties were taken in this rendering. I have not seen her play in person. For all I know, she could play music like this:
2-Milers: Singing
But she probably doesn’t.

Emily rides a bicycle too. When she heard I had a bike blog she wanted to be in it. She wants to represent the people that bike only 2 miles a day. She wants to stress that she doesn’t wear spandex and doesn’t do crazy 45 mile bike rides in the heat like a certain client of hers who was just bragging to her about it. That client can no longer speak for the ordinary cyclist apparently. Emily doesn’t have a car and biking is a quick affordable way to get to work or to the park with the kids. And it’s also fun to bike super fast. She also wants to point out that just from biking a few miles around town she’s getting pretty toned up.
2-Milers: Toned Legs
And another thing. She wants to put the word out that she hopes certain cycling folk don’t do anymore nude rides. Because this is the face she will make:
2-Milers: On the Nude Ride

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Boston Biker

omg! ha ha this blog is sooooooo gooooood!

Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see the next installment.

Boston Biker

also if you ever want to do something for the front page, let me know, you are super talented.


very funny!


I may bookmark this blog instead of bostonbiker