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Update: I will be contributing some posts to Boston Biker. If you happen to read both blogs you will notice some overlap of content. But for my regular readers you can keep your eyes here- you won’t miss a beat of my misguided attempt to make the world a better place for bikers through silly drawings. Because Boston is my home turf I am particularly concerned with it’s bike-friendliness. Here it’s very much an uphill battle. Because, as we all know, our roads were clearly made for cars… especially SUV’s with seating for 70 but, on a typical day, only carry a single driver and her Venti Decaf Mocha Nonfat, No Whip, No Foam, Latte.


Additional Note: Because making drawings take more time than typing words I will post an average of once week (except on weeks where hurricanes keep me inside for a unusual amount of time.) I aim for Wednesday posts but sometimes life happens. I recommend setting up an RSS reader and subscribing so you know the minute there’s something new to look at.

Additional Additional Note: Subscribing to an RSS feed is mostly convenient but sometimes makes it hard to fully appreciate images. Basically the the formatting gets lost and everything looks kinda dumb. So you may need to still click through to this site to see things “as the artist intended.”

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I heard or read this amazing quote that was something like- It doesn’t require a 5,000lb car to take a 100lb woman to the mall.


So I saw your post on bostonbiker and dug the comics. Just wanted to let you know your google rss link doesn’t seem to be sending the correct address. Didn’t work for me and I use Reader for everything…


you need to start planning your book. you are the next big thing after BikeSnobNYC, seriously




This just reminded me, we have a locally-made mattress store near our apartment that recently had an older lady in an SUV go through the front door, so they had a window-painter come in and paint the rear end of an SUV on the window next to the now-plywood-covered front door 🙂

Olavo Ludwig

I live in Brazil, and I love your blog