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Yes! They’re bored and probably feel like goo.


I always think about how they must have to stop riding in the winter cause they can’t warm up sitting still like that.

Ethan Fleming

Thank you for another thing to add to my list of reasons why I shake my head at moped riders.


Lol! Goo jiggle. Love it. 🙂 At the same time, I kinda would like to get my hands on an older Vespa to tinker with (b/c I just love fixing old things) and ride it around some with a long flowing scarf and huge sunglasses saying “ciao” to everyone. It would look totally out of place in hillbilly land. I guess that’s why I like the visual. 🙂


Vespas are so silly! I pass them on my bike frequently. Including going up the BU bridge. Score one for bikers!


Vespas are fine, cars are useful, bikes are neat, feet are sweet.
It’s all good.