Fall is here and the weather is looking fabulous for the long holiday weekend (at least it is here in the Boston area.) So make sure to get out on your bike and enjoy the view.



And if you’re not in Boston, well, maybe you should be. Or at least while the weather is a comfortable sunny 75-80 degrees. As for me, this weekend I’ll be doing some traveling and a lot of biking. (Maybe some sleeping too.) Back with more next week.

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5 Responses to “Autumn”

  • Melinda

    From one urban bike-commuter girl and lover of all things bikish & chocolatey to another: I LOVE YOU. Thank you for drawing, and writing, and making this blog. Don’t stop! xo from Toronto

  • Sue

    My weekend starts tomorrow, so I’m definitely looking forward to some Fall riding. Happy travels and can’t wait to see what comes next week.

  • Greg

    Do you sell prints? I love this one, it truly captures what fall riding means to me.

    • It’s something that’s crossed my mind, but haven’t gotten to it yet. But if there’s interest I could figure something out :)

  • Robert Major

    Enjoy your weekend. Ours will be wet and windy.

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