Biker Meet Cute

Bike helmets aren’t just good for brain-protection, they are also the ultimate accessory when I’m away from my bike. For example when I run into a cute stranger who is also carrying a helmet…

Helmet Meet-Cute

That’s pretty much all it takes.

I’ve considered carrying them all the time- even when I don’t travel by bike.

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  • Anna October 22, 2011   Reply →

    …especially if it’s a cute helmet like the houndstooth giro helmet :-) And I agree, my little cycle heart always skips a beat if I see a cute guy walking along with a helmet strapped to his bag and one trouser cuff still rolled up… :-)

    • Redneck Hippie March 18, 2012  

      I just checked out the Giro Surface Houndstood helmet, very sexy.

  • dc November 25, 2011   Reply →

    oooooo, or when you and a cute bike guy ride the same bike and walk up to them at the same time, as they are parked next to one another, and then you hear “nice bike” and then you look over and get to say “you too.” awesome.

  • Tee TeaRose December 21, 2011   Reply →

    LOL i think am gonna try this one!!!

  • Scott Wagner November 7, 2012   Reply →

    Agreed, but sometimes (business meeting, for example) the helmet is just not possible. More subtle signs: chainring frayed right pants cuff, bike grease on clothes, stubborn chain tattoo on calf that resists being washed off …

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