Dear Future Cyclists of America,*

*MBTA Passengers

Does your commute look like this?

Future Cyclists of America

Or like this?

Future Cyclists of America

You’re probably nervous about biking on the roads, but maybe it’s time to consider a change.

But if you’re not ready to take the leap to cycling just yet, just know that when you’re going to always be more than 30 minutes late meeting me for brunch I’m going to go ahead and take the long way there. So when you are stuck here:

Future Cyclists of America

Know that I am here…

Future Cyclists of America

…greeting Hubway users. Maybe I’ll take them to brunch if you don’t show.

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Whenever I’ve had to take the T to work, a disabled train occurs on my route at least 50% of the time. On the other 50% somebody farts in my face. I pine for the day when Hubway gets to Cambridge.

I kind of wish that your Red Line tunnel included the Coraline ads. Those staunch and valiant Coraline ads.


Make sure to stand, not sit, on the train. It makes for a much more pleasant experience. Also, no farts in your face.


That was one of the first things I noticed about riding my bike places instead of taking the bus is, not only was it quicker for most trips, but it was WAY more consistent. When going between the same two places, my travel time is almost exactly the same regardless of time of day, traffic, etc – unless I *choose* to make it longer.


How true! I especially liked the last two frames. The T’s see something, say something campaign with the oversized teddy bears, carpet rolls, and backpacks is rather bizarre – they almost look like an add campaign for an outdoor/toy store.


WTH – I don’t want these people ruining my urban idyll!

The boor on the train is the next fixie douche blowing stops. And the body odor guy? Oof, riding behind that dude going the same pace is murder. Try to pass you get threatened and raced, because that’s what meth will do for ya.

I hope to God these people don’t see the light so I don’t have to see them. JFC.

Lovely Bicycle! (@lovelybicycle)

A relief to read that it’s not just me and my pessimism/paranoia. Because I swear, the T breaks down nearly every time I try to take it. Every time I use it, my conclusion is “never again.” Brrr!

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