A Boston Tailwind

When you think of a windy city you probably think of Chicago first. But in actuality Boston is the REAL windy city. And all the cyclists here know that.

They also know that no matter which direction you bike in the wind will be in your face.

Tailwinds are not entirely impossible in Boston, they’re just very rare. But if you ever get one it will give you a new perspective…


A Boston Tailwind


And maybe even be a bit magical…


A Boston Tailwind


After which it will drop you in your favorite bar with your favorite friends and your favorite drink.


A Boston Tailwind


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Whew. I thought a boston tailwind might be some sort of Guinness-powered flatulence!


I haven’t met one yet, but I’m hoping it will take me over fenway now!


I have met the occasional Boston tailwind, and it’s been fantastic, but sometimes shortlived, especially if crossing over a bridge hands me over to a Cambridge headwind.


Portland tailwinds are kind of like that too – one of the few times I caught one, I was luckily going up a hill, and it lifted me and my 45lb bike right up it. I spend a lot more time though on flat ground, barely moving forward, with my cheeks flapping in the wind 🙂


This has me curious – Boston is on the water so windy, but what causes the swirling?

Matt the Scruffy Mechanic

the beer, Jim. The wind is blowing straight, it’s just heads that are spinning


Clearly, Matt. You’d have to be drunk to be a Bosox fan. Ba-dum!

Matt the Scruffy Mechanic

I was tactfully not pointing that out, as I figured some of the readership might take offense at having someone as geographically fortunate as myself say so.