So Ladies…

…Let’s talk about fashion. Or not.

Because I’m not much of a fashionista. And never have been.

So Ladies

I have gotten a little better since then. But my life doesn’t revolve around clothes. I really enjoy looking looking like crap some days.

So Ladies

Or a bit dirty and grungy.

So Ladies

And some times I even dress up (and look like Lovely Bicycle on accident.)

So Ladies

However when I started biking I didn’t know what to do about clothes. Or bikes. Or anything. I just wanted to try it. I didn’t see anyone on a bike who looked like any version of me. As a newbie, this was all I really knew about cyclists:

Unexpected Types

You may have noted that neither of these figures appear to be women. And I knew I was not an athlete or a hipster. Or a man.

So when I came across a certain European street-style blog of stylishly dressed women riding bicycles I signed right up. I went and bought the Dutchiest bike I could find in Los Angeles (which was actually made in China) and a bunch of flouncy dresses from H&M and promptly started biking up and down Sunset Boulevard leaving a trail of bolts and washers behind me.

But as I got more confident about with bicycle commuting, I realized something bothered me about this bike sheek culture.

So Ladies

It was just another stereotype.

So I moved on. I agree about wearing ordinary clothes when I bike. But now I wear my ordinary clothes which don’t happen to be dresses or heels or terribly stylish most of the time– my biking does not revolve around fashion.

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Anna R.

Ha! Creeper in the bushes…that made me laugh. 🙂
Can’t wait for warm weather so I can try and look cute while riding! With all this winter gear, no one can tell who’s male and who’s female.


Not that I can cop to worrying about looking pretty, really, ever, but I kind of hate how it’s not good enough for women to be confident and strong on our bikes; we are supposed to be stylish and pretty too. I’m all for people wearing what they’re comfortable in on the bike, and if people want to do their hair and makeup before a ride, then go for it, but I wish “hot girls on bikes” weren’t quite such a fetish item.


I really like girls who are serious about riding bikes no matter what they wear! By serious I mean people who ride their bike once a week.


Better than that shit show Transportation Bill.

And thanks for unveiling Mikael’s previously metaphorical turgid baguette.


The bread and apples were a very nice touch.

Riding Robin
Bikeyface I love you! (I played sax in the marching band and I like to bike.) I ride bikes a lot in my regular clothes which often involve some sort of spandexy shorts underneath — or not, if I’m going to some function right after work. (80’s night dancing in 3/4 length padded wool knickers — ugh yuk!) My regular clothes mostly include something stretchy in the fabric for both tops and bottoms. Currently I like wool tights, skirt and boots with a waffle sole that doesn’t slip off the pedal or on the pavement when I step down. I… Read more »

Hah, I usually bike when I go dancing at an 80’s night too, and the nightclub get so hot that my usual outfit of choice is a miniskirt and a tank top or t-shirt. Which gets complicated when it’s cold/raining outside…I end up putting on many layers under/over my dancing outfit, and then getting there and taking it all off! Thankfully my friends and I usually take over a table/set of chairs on the side, where I can pile all my stuff. Including the helmet.


Of course, then there’s the issue of biking home after dancing all night! Sweaty and cold. :^(