City Questions

We’re all familiar with drivers getting frustrated sharing the road with cyclists. However, sometimes the frustration gives way to another frustrating behavior. That of asking questions. When I’m on my bike, drivers seem to find me very approachable when they need help with something.


Apparently, I am the person to ask. I don’t know why but they assume I am in the know and can help them navigate their troubled city life… I guess urban cyclist means urban expert?


However, I’m sometimes uncomfortable thrown into the role of city guide. And that’s when I start messing with them.


Which is entertaining. But sometimes I wish they’d ask me a question I can actually answer.


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Megan Ramey

my favorite – where’s the cheapest parking around here?

On the other hand, I love when autos or pedestrians ask me directions. I have no problem being seen as an expert navigator and will go out of my way to help.

I also like spotting the disheveled or confused tourists and giving them tips. My grandma in Wisconsin would be proud.

John Romeo Alpha

Cyclists and pedestrians I will always help, and hopefully chat with a bit. Motorists I will also help, for the low low price of $26.95, exact change only, accuracy of information not guaranteed.


Ahahahahaha! I like it.


My husband and I used to get these questions all the time when we were loaded with touring gear. Come on! We wouldn’t be touring in our home town…so it always struck me as odd. I’d like to think it happens because we are approachable on a bike, and all the driver has to do is roll down his window. In other words, they’re lazy.


People act like I’m so stupid because I don’t know the car parking laws in NYC. I really have no idea! They sometimes act like they don’t believe me, or I’m withholding the info to be mean.