Red Light Surprise

Yesterday as I approached a light on Mass Ave it turned red. The cyclist ahead of me rode blithely through it. I came to a complete stop. That was apparently a very unexpected move to the cyclist behind me…

Red Light

Should this really be that much of a surprise?

However, this is why I sometimes signal when stopping at a red. Of course then the cyclist would be confused about what I’m doing with my hand… right before crashing into me just the same.

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Megan Ramey

This totally brings me back to safety school in 3rd grade. Stop signal is right hand turn signal flipped upside down.

Opus the Poet

I know the feeling, I get yelled and sworn at when I stop for red lights by drivers expecting me to run the red so they can make a right turn.


I’ve almost been hit on my bike multiple times by other bikes when I had right of way and they were running the stop sign or red light on the cross street.

Wandering Woman on Wheels
Wandering Woman on Wheels
I, too, am one of those law-abiding hindrances to those without brakes. Yah, I stop at red lights, so sue me! Just yesterday, someone zooming on a bike swerved around me as I stopped at the red light by The Monument in JP, which isn’t a typical 4-way intersection, so many bikers seem to feel that stopping is optional. Personally, I am not going to mess with those buses on the sideline, especially if I do not have the right of way. At 4-way stops, if I want to avoid waiting at a red light, I hop off my bike… Read more »
Mark Stiles

Yeah, I get the impression that most people on bikes are don’t know the law very well and just do what other people are doing. I hope that each time I stop at a light I give someone else pause to think that it might be worth stopping. Although I’ve seen people blow through a full red light through Kenmore going down Comm Ave towards Mass Ave. Yikes.