Red Light Surprise

Yesterday as I approached a light on Mass Ave it turned red. The cyclist ahead of me rode blithely through it. I came to a complete stop. That was apparently a very unexpected move to the cyclist behind me…

Red Light

Should this really be that much of a surprise?

However, this is why I sometimes signal when stopping at a red. Of course then the cyclist would be confused about what I’m doing with my hand… right before crashing into me just the same.

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  • Ry March 14, 2012   Reply →

    Bikeyface, first off love your stuff! Secondly about 5 years ago I was into trying to go as fast as I could on my road bike which, sad to say, wasn’t that fast. None the less I was obsessed with average speed and therefore avoided stopping at almost any cost. One day I found myself riding the wrong way on a one way in an attempt to avoiding stopping and had a WTF! moment. I have since decided that obeying traffic laws is not only good for me as a citizen but good for my health. And when I see some dickhead on a bike blowing through a stop sign etc I think “there but for the grace of god go I” and resist the urge to chase down the offending cyclist and administer a dope slap.

  • Dottie April 7, 2012   Reply →

    Yup, this has happened to me more than once, usually when I am stopping at a stop sign to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. Should be common sense.

  • J.C. April 23, 2012   Reply →

    I am a hybrid, following my own code of ethics–closer to Justin’s way. I Always stop at red lights, but will check, and if no cars/people/bikes/horses are coming either way I will continue through. I’m more like a wolf with a code than a sheep following either pointless procedures or clueless peers.

    To me pedestrians always have the right of way UNLESS I have a bike lane and a green while they have a ‘don’t walk. ‘ In which case I will scare the @#% out of them with a ‘yelp/ war whoop’ or a single huge ding on my bell. I just had so much fun doing this to NYU students in Manhattan on 3rd ave at Astor place who didn’t look before crossing the street, that I can’t stop now even years later. (Miss you, Meagan.) We scattered them like kids chasing pigeons in the park.

    I generally use my turn signals, but not when the cost of reduced braking power exceeds its usefulness. Signaling and then losing control because of breaking only with the front, or one-handed at pothole impact w/speed is worst thing ever.

    Pet peeve: bikers who have never driven cars or can’t empathize with or predict car driver behavior who get sanctimonious when they ride in the blind spot of the motor vehicle and–surprise!–aren’t seen.

    The other shoe clipped in to the pedal is those damn cars swerving suddenly to the right to get around a left turning car without first checking for bikers. Forgiven unless there is a clearly marked bike lane and heavy bike traffic> in which case I want to break their window with my U-lock, jump in and strangle them.

  • ///Tobbe August 22, 2012   Reply →

    came to think of the picture above when I saw thos YT-clip from Swedish Cyklist blog..

  • TomTrottier March 27, 2015   Reply →

    I find it helps to have squeaky brakes. Alas, bikes don’t have brake lights or even sparks….

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