Wear a Bikeyface

Would you like to have a Bikeyface on your chest? You’re in luck! For a limited time I’m offering special edition Bikeyface T-shirts for Bike Week which is May 14-18th.

These T-shirts will be available by pre-order only. Meaning that you must place an order by April 15th if you want one! After that you’re out of luck. The the shirts will be shipped at the start of May with the goal of being in your hands by Bike Week. (Actual arrival date may vary based on your location.)


The shirts will have this cartoon on the front:

And the back? Well, the back will have the following in reflective text. That’s right, REFLECTIVE, so when car headlights hit it drivers will read:


Below are the details of the men & women versions of the shirt with thumbnails of colors & placement. Orders will be processed through Big Cartel.


Women’s Cotton Tee, $27
Printed on American Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt
The softest, smoothest, best-looking T-shirt available anywhere!
-100% cotton construction
-Durable rib neckband
-Form-fitting, sizes run small
-Front image 9×5 inches, Back text: 9×1.5 inches
-Colors: Army, Sangria, Royal, Gold







Men’s Cotton Tee, $27

Printed on American Apparel Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt
The softest, smoothest, best-looking T-shirt available anywhere!
-100% cotton construction
-Durable rib neckband
-Unisex Style
-Front image 9×5 inches, Back text: 9×1.5 inches
-Colors: Army, Royal, Gold



Additional notes:

  • Bulk Orders: If you wish to place a bulk order (12+) please contact me at bekka [at] bikeyface [dot] com.
  • Shipping: Shipping regions are currently limited to US, Canada, and the UK.
  • Pre-Order Only: This means I won’t have a bunch of shirts in some stockroom waiting for you when you happen to run into me in August and want one. So more reason to get your order in now!
  • Deadline: Pre-orders must be placed by April 15th, 2012, 11:59pm. This is pre-order only and I will not have additional stock on-hand.
  • Options: Currently there is only one design available with some color options. There are no immediate plans for other T-shirts or merchandise. However if this venture is successful, I will likely expand and have more products down the road.
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  • oanh April 2, 2012   Reply →

    When/If you plan on shipping to Aus – please let me know: I’d love one and I know a few others who might to; although having my partner and me in matching t-shirts could be a bit weird.
    Love your comics!

    • bikeyface April 2, 2012  

      Sure, I can research the shipping aspect and perhaps even work it out this time around- I was keeping things on the small & modest side since this is a new venture :)

    • Craig Anderson April 4, 2012  

      +1 for Australia!

    • Meris April 12, 2012  

      Agree! Australia Please! (Do they come in different sizes?)

  • HT Chen April 2, 2012   Reply →

    thank you for offering gender neutral colors as opposed to only pink and pastel for women’s tee!

    • bikeyface April 2, 2012  

      I only included colors I would wear personally, which excluded ALL pastels. I also suspect my art would not be able adhere to a pastel pink surface, physically impossible :)

  • Michael Blackmore April 3, 2012   Reply →

    Some of the “colors” aren’t in the Crayola Crayon 64 Pack (with build in sharpener), and since we know that colors that aren’t there aren’t actual colors – you need to stop making up colors! Or put a translation guide to the real colors! 😉

    More seriously…coolness! I’ll be ordering me a Royal after pay day this Friday!

  • I love your drawings . . . but when are you going to draw the equivalent for us bikeyfaceblokes?

    • bikeyface April 3, 2012  

      Don’t worry, it will happen!

  • Lovely Bicycle! April 3, 2012   Reply →

    Nice! I like the army colour.

  • veredictum April 5, 2012   Reply →

    Is it in aid of a cause/charity?

    • bikeyface April 5, 2012  

      No, this is not for charity.

      Bikeyface is a web comic I write and hand draw each week outside of my full-time job. I invest 20+ hours per week of my own time to maintain it as well as my own money for web hosting and other expenses. What started as a personal passion project 8 months ago now gets 35K hits per month. Up until this point I have not received any form of compensation from Bikeyface, goods, financial, or otherwise. In order for Bikeyface to continue to be possible it must have some support. I felt that asking for donations from readers or doing a kickstarter was not the appropriate route or a message I wanted to send. Instead I have decided to sell merchandise and advertising space. By doing that, any individual or business that supports Bikeyface will get something in exchange. I do dream of eventually transforming the blog into a business- however it will likely take years before the income generated by the enterprises even begins to compensates me for the time I am investing or makes a profit (if ever.) However, selling merchandise/advertising does help cover operational expenses for this site so that readers can continue to enjoy it for as long as I’m able to give my own time to write/draw for it.

    • Invisible Visible Man April 5, 2012  

      I am constantly impressed, Bikeyface, by the sheer effort you put into your blog. I run a far less sophisticated bike blog and know how much time it takes up. I entirely applaud your laudable efforts to make some money out of it.

      I wish people didn’t think the only proper reason to launch an enterprise was charity.

      Keep up the marvellous work.


    • veredictum April 7, 2012  

      P.S. To the above commenter, I hardly think you can draw that conclusion from my innocuous question!

      Bikeyface, if you wish to make money why not sell one-off original cartoon (not prints)

  • veredictum April 5, 2012   Reply →

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Beanboy April 5, 2012   Reply →

    How times have changed!

    Don’t cultivate a “bicycle face.”

    A List of Don’ts for Women on Bicycles Circa 1895


  • John April 5, 2012   Reply →

    I love it, I think the icing on the cake is the “real tree” “not a real tree” part

  • Chris April 6, 2012   Reply →

    Your drawing is right on. I have a really long commute, so every day I drive for some of it, but I have a folding bike that I keep in my trunk and depending on my schedule and the weather, I ride between a quarter to a half of the way. Your shirt perfectly captures the way I feel when I’m riding and when I’m driving. Maybe it’s time to look into moving closer to work…

  • Diane April 8, 2012   Reply →

    Oh crap! I got all excited and then realized shipping is limited. :((

  • Markéta April 13, 2012   Reply →

    Ow, I really want this t-shirt… but I live in Europe (Czech Republic)… I hope that you will increase your shipping area :o(… (and that you will not stop only with t-shirts – maybe some mugs, mousepads etc.). I want to support you :o).

  • Jenny Cristales May 3, 2012   Reply →

    Darn, I hope there are more opportunities to purchase a T-Shirt in the near future. I just learned about your site today.

  • Helena May 5, 2012   Reply →

    Hey, another one from Czech Republic – already quite a market here, you should make it US, Canada, UK and Czech Rep!

  • Thomas Arbs May 18, 2012   Reply →

    Hey, are you aware you are being read globally? We would buy your T-Shirt just about everywhere! One partner that seems to be able to do that is spreadshirt.com. Starting a shop there won’t cost you a dime, so why not try it out?

  • Becca August 9, 2012   Reply →

    Are you planning on making these available again? I would definitely be interested (love the reflective lettering on the back!)

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