The Long Commute

I’ve been busier and more stressed than usual lately and it’s started catching up with me. The other day at work I found myself completely exhausted. I could not wait to go home…

Long Commutes

…And pass out. It was all I could think about. The second the workday was done I hopped on my bike and raced across town toward my couch.

But once I sat down I had an unexpected change of heart.

My head was clear and my energy had returned. My couch was boring. Was I really going to just stay home? And sleep? I was bummed that my commute was only 4.1 miles. Some days that’s just too short. I wanted to bike more.

Long Commutes

I remembered I had been invited to a party across town. Seven miles across town. It was one of those parties I had no intention of going to. Suddenly it was the most appealing party in the world. So delightfully far away. With that, I was off…

Long Commutes

More energized and less stressed than any other commuter….

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Opus the Poet

Yes! I love my little commute from working at church during the week. Getting out of the house is the thing i look forward to the most all day.


You have captured the transforming power of a cycle ride! Thank you for making me laugh.

Oh gawd. I had this expect experience a few weeks ago. Well, not exact; it was a Saturday and I wasn’t at work. But when it came time to head off to a barbeque I’d been invited to, I hopped on my bike and pedalled along a path I’d never hit before. It was a only a few kilometres to my destination, but it was an incredible day – sunny without being hot. It was one of those rare days that is the exact antithesis of that moment when you’re at work and thinking “I’m having one of those days”.… Read more »
Justin Winokur

This is great. I like bike commuting for the other way. I had a really, really important meeting that was early in the morning. I didn’t sleep well (out of nervousness) but my 3 mile commute (and just a bit of coffee) woke me up perfectly.


I often find I have the reverse feeling, at least in the morning, when my longer commute requires me to wake up too early. In the afternoon, I take a longer route home to enjoy it a little more, but my 7.7-mile inbound commute can sometimes be pure agony for how long it feels when I just want to get there already.

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