My Mom turned 60 this year and she’s decided to do a triathlon. She’s decided to invest in a better bike for the triathlon and beyond. She bikes quite a bit. Sometimes we run into each other in distant towns on long rides…


However she didn’t know what type of riding she would do when she bought her bike- a mountain bike. As anyone who’s biked for a bit knows, the first bike you get is always the wrong one. It turns out she prefers to be on a road, so a road bike it is. But somehow the average bike shop employee is having trouble wrapping their head around this…


However they shouldn’t underestimate my mom. Or that she will just to go to another shop that will offer real help.

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31 Responses to “60!”

  • John h

    HAPPY-BIRTHDAY!!!! to your mom (a little late) and best wishes on her next trip around the sun. =)

  • double baskets!! someone NEEDS to do that. :)
    (Ah! good luck to your mom! triathlons are intimidating! and Happy Birthday to her!)

  • Ellie

    As a Dutch girl living in the U.S. for a while, I was really surprised by my local bike shop. They offered great service, but they seemed to see cycling in a totally different way than I did. It started by me coming in (fresh out of the airplane), asking to test ride a commuter bike while wearing a long skirt and (modest) heels…

    It seemed impossible to find a bike with a chain guards, fenders, skirt guards, and permanently attached bungees, but also enough gears to cycle up and down hills.

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