Sweet Bikes

I’ve always been different from other girls…

Sweet Bikes

So perhaps I have a different perspective. I’m planning to replace my everyday commuter bike this year and I’ve been test riding several bikes to feel out my options. However some of them seem to be marketed to some other audience…

Sweet Bikes

Yet sales people seem eager to push me in this direction as if there’s no doubt this is what I’m looking for. After all, I’m a girl, right?

I like cupcakes, but I don’t intend to ride one around the city. However, if I could somehow get a bike with this personality:

Sweet Bikes

Now that would be a sweet bike.

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  • Jean May 27, 2012   Reply →

    I’m just petite so the cruiser chic bikes simply don’t fit me: I would be overly laid-back, stretched out. Note: I’ve never had a dropped down handlebar road bike and I have 4 bikes, been cycling regularily for past 20 yrs. By now, I’m not totally convinced I want to learn being dropped down.

    Just leaning slightly forward but not totally upright is great for me. And no, I won’t be wearing my business clothing: it’s a real heache for someone @ 5’1″ and at 53 yrs., to find off-bike clothing that fits me well without looking like a teenager or frumpy baggy lady. So happy to cycle short distances in walking shorts, cheap chamoisless long tights, etc.


  • jo May 29, 2012   Reply →

    i add my name to the endorsement of the soma buena vista. i love mine. it can handle a quick sprint through the village, or hop over the east river bridges, or a quick lap of the park, and home with a load of groceries. anyway, its a quick responsive frame and you can build it up to be what ever kind of bike you wish it to be.

  • Lil'Jacare June 2, 2012   Reply →

    Funny blog! Keep it up. Cheers!


  • Ryan Surface June 8, 2012   Reply →

    Too funny, my daughter has a one year-old “kitten” named Midnight (all black), if she were a bike she would look exactly like your drawing!

    If you had a Panther bike would you name it Bagheera?

  • Judith June 21, 2012   Reply →

    Where do you live? Why do bike shops get bad reps from folks (mainly women) who comment on how sales associates push them towards “girly” bikes? I ask the customers what they want and go from there. This sounds like you’d enjoy something along the lines of a singel speed cross check or even a casserole…I apologize for bike shop employees everywhere that you experienced the gender stereotype. I think maybe this happens because there are so many women out there (and I’ve helped quite a few in the shop I work in) who want a cruiser and a front basket to carry around their small dog…but there are plenty of women out there who want strong utilitarian machines to carry them (and their belongings) around town…good luck with the bike hunt! I hope you find something to fit your needs! (:

  • pb July 9, 2012   Reply →

    A great bike to try might be the Jamis Allegro or Ventura Feme. They are multi-speed, but they’re extremely light, very fast and come in subtle/sexy colors (deep purple, light blue, white). I have a Ventura Comp and have been in love with the bike – quick gear changes, good breaks and decent rims make it VERY responsive in traffic.

  • Daisy December 3, 2012   Reply →

    So get this, I shared a story with my fiance once about me wanting hello kitty things as a child and since I never got them as a child I had a Hello Kitty phase in my young adult years…I happened to mention a Hello Kitty beach cruiser that I thought was sooo cute and adorable (never said I wanted it). On my 26th birthday, my fiance gave me a pink and white hello kitty adult beach cruiser! The little girl in me was excited and the adult in me was so embarrassed!!! However, once I got on the bike I got addicted to my daily bike rides that I didn’t care it was Hello Kitty, funny thing is, I got stopped and complimented all over the city (NYC) by OLDER women! It definitely made me feel better. Anyway, 3 years later I continue riding the heck outta my super girly HK beach cruiser all over the place as I run my errands, hahaha. I definitely have the “sex kitten” posture down, lol

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