Sweet Bikes

I’ve always been different from other girls…

Sweet Bikes

So perhaps I have a different perspective. I’m planning to replace my everyday commuter bike this year and I’ve been test riding several bikes to feel out my options. However some of them seem to be marketed to some other audience…

Sweet Bikes

Yet sales people seem eager to push me in this direction as if there’s no doubt this is what I’m looking for. After all, I’m a girl, right?

I like cupcakes, but I don’t intend to ride one around the city. However, if I could somehow get a bike with this personality:

Sweet Bikes

Now that would be a sweet bike.

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JP Gal



You should check out the Soma Buena Vista mixte! I have one and it is definitely more along the lines of the panther! I have mine built with an 8-speed internal hub but it is pretty common for people to build it as a singlespeed. It’s light and responsive and fast, but still feels city/transportation-bike-ish rather than road bike-ish. I love mine – I got it in Feb. 2011 and still feel so happy every time I get on it!


I’ve seen that Soma mixte frame in person, and I have to say, it is quite a looker, and seems pretty solid, too.


Oo, those Buena Vista builds I just googled are niiice…


I was going to mention the BV built up as a singlespeed with drops.
Would be a sexy panther of a bike!


My wife has a Soma BV, also built up with an 8-speed internal hub, but definitely built up more as a city/transport bike than a fast road bike (it may not be a “cupcake” but it can easily carry a box of them!). But the frame is very versatile and can be built up as a really light and quick bike!


Erin B

I’ve said it before… I love the way you build up that bike! I would have picked the white frame, but I still love the components you used.

Vocus Dwabe

Here in England the cycle trade lumps all female-oriented bikes and accessories together under the contemptuous heading “Pink Stuff”.

Often in front of women customers.

Erin B

Sadly, the gender stereotype people would say something like: That girl has a kitty cat bike!

I dunno, I have a pretty relaxed geometry bike, and I don’t think it stops me from exerting myself if I want to, nor do I think it puts me in a sex kitten position. Not unless you consider sitting upright as if in a chair to be a sex kitten position 🙂 It’s not a race bike, but I’m rarely racing to get to work! I do think it’s possible to have a upright position bike that’s not accessorized in a super girly way, and that that’s a good option to have available. Not everyone wants to ride a… Read more »