I was heading home from work for the day when a co-worker saw what I was wearing and remarked on it. I guess it seemed like a silly outfit to bike in.


Yes, it was not a practical outfit for “exercise.” But it was practical for “commuting” which is about efficiency, not sweat. People get too hung up on clothes. From sporty to dressy, it’s okay to wear whatever works for your lifestyle. You can bike in anything. Well, almost…



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34 Responses to “Dressing”

  • William Furr

    I got asked the same thing recently. I ride in my khaki slacks and dress shirts all the time. I don’t even own any spandex.

    I need to get a more comfortable efficient bike, though, or modify mine further. I have a “fitness hybrid” with flat bars and road bike gearing that needs a granny gear for hills and some upright bars.

  • Sue

    I just came back from Manhattan today and in NYC – cycling clothes – anything goes and no one bats an eye. It was so refreshing to see. So many people out riding their bikes and commuting to work in regular clothes. It was almost sad coming home today. Here in Southern, NH – I sometimes feel like there is no cycling camaraderie what-so-ever.

  • Jonathan Krall

    Excellent post! That’s why I always make sure my girlfriend unties me _before_ I leave for work.

  • Ryan

    Oh PULEEZE tell your co-worker that lycra does not equal cycling. There are all types of cyclists and to me the important thing is “are you having fun and are you comfortable?”

    And not that it matters but frankly, speaking as a male cyclists, I think a woman riding in a skirt is much sexier than one is lycra. Just say’n.

  • Becky

    Except for pencil skirts. One busy morning I had a brain fart and tried to hop on my bike in a pencil skirt outside my apartment and both of us crashed right down on our asses, all in front my super. Classy!

  • Skippy Tooth

    Someday next week you should approach the same person in the morning and say:
    “You’re gonna work in that?”

    Then ask her to explain why anyone should be “taken seriously” when they’re having so much fun.

  • Cinegirl

    Now that it’s summer here in the San Fernando Valley, I wear “normal” clothes (skirt, slacks, whatever) on the bottom and a wicking bike jersey on top for the ride in because otherwise I end up feeling like a sweaty ball of goo most of the day at work.

    When it wasn’t as hot in the spring, I could wear hiking/travel shirts from companies like Ex Officio and Royal Robbins that would wick extra sweat if needed but still look totally work-appropriate.

    Though I did learn through experience to wear opaque tights or short-shorts under skirts lest I give passers-by an unintended free show.

  • Sam

    Is it bad that I commute in Lycra? I like to go as fast as possible and I have to get changed when I get to work anyway as I’m an engineer and have to wear overalls.

    I’m a commuter from Christchurch, New Zealand

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