I was heading home from work for the day when a co-worker saw what I was wearing and remarked on it. I guess it seemed like a silly outfit to bike in.


Yes, it was not a practical outfit for “exercise.” But it was practical for “commuting” which is about efficiency, not sweat. People get too hung up on clothes. From sporty to dressy, it’s okay to wear whatever works for your lifestyle. You can bike in anything. Well, almost…



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You made my day! Thanks!

Disabled Cyclist

LOL,good one! 😀

The DC


Perfect! I like how the sporty cyclist is completely stretched out on a bike that doesn’t fit her. Life is too short to ride ill-fitting bikes.


I sat outside at a cafe right off a busy bike trail the other day. Out of all the cyclists I saw (and it was over 100) only one wasn’t wearing exercise clothes. She had on a dress and looked the most comfortable of them too. And why do people look so shocked when they find out I bike but don’t own any spandex? I didn’t need them as a I kid and I sure don’t now!

Lee Hollenbeck

The undead don’t need helmets.