In the Bag

When I first started biking the whole routine was unfamiliar. I really didn’t know what I needed but I didn’t want to get caught off guard. I wanted to be prepared for anything. But I found it overwhelming to just get out the door…

In the Bag

I didn’t need all that stuff when I drove or took the subway, and I didn’t need much of it for biking. Over time I learned what I need and reduced it to just what was essential for my own lifestyle:

In the Bag

Most of the the clothing/makeup routine is just done at home like before. I keep a few spare emergency items at work. And I probably should carry some repair tools but they’re heavy to always carry. I figure I’ll just make friends with a fellow cyclist (one of the ones who’s prepared for everything) if I get a flat or take a Hubway bike home.

However, even though I have settled on my ideal bike kit, I still dream about an even better one…

In the Bag

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No chocolate in any kit? I usually carry a bar of Swiss chocolate during the colder months.

Those fellow cyclists are friendly indeed. I once flatted on my commute, and every other rider called out to ask if I had what I needed (I did). I’ve helped out others too, and it is always good fun. When the job’s done and you hand over the cleanish rag to wipe hands with, you are such a star!


I never bring anything particular on my rides to work, except a pair of bike lights when it is that season.

I should always bring a sandwich tho…!


I have my pannier down to a science. Rain gear, bike repair kit, lights, a spot for my morning coffee, lunch and any extra clothes. This week my main bike (with the rack) is in the shop and I am riding my old mountain bike (with no rack) and my routine is all off. I hate carrying a messenger bag and getting that hot, sweaty spot on your back. So this week it is just coffee (in bike cup holder) and whatever I can wear. Can’t wait to get my road bike back!


In addition to the basics you outline, I carry a pair of pruning shears. I’m not always on the street, and sometimes the overhanging blackberry bushes on the park paths get out of hand and need some discipline…..

Ethan Fleming

There is a lot of problems with that on Minuteman Trail lately.


Upgrade your dream kit to a few more beers, you can then ditch your inflata-mechanic and I’ll fix your bike, for a beer.