Lock it Up!

The other day I witnessed a crime…

Lock it Up!

The wheels had “quick-theft” levers and the whole transaction was done in 2 minutes. Which made me wonder how many bikes are lost to poor lock-up jobs just waiting for the wrong person with the right tool to come along…

Lock it Up!

And if that doesn’t happen, there could be another fate waiting…

Lock it Up!

But in addition to having a strong lock you need to actually lock it to something secure. However that has become much easier here in Somerville lately:

Lock it Up!

So there is no excuse for this!

Lock it Up!

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Matthew J

A delivery truck backed over a foot onto the sidewalk and wrecked my bike just as i was walking to get it. Miserable experience.

Joanne Bilbrey

Great post! I have to admit I am always nervous locking up my bike in public, especially in _certain_ neighborhoods.

Vocus Dwabe
Last month some idiot had inadvertently locked my bike as well as his own to a stand in the high street. It was only a weedy little wire cable lock; so I went and bought a £1.99 Chinese hacksaw and cut through it in about twenty seconds, leaving a polite note telling him/her to pay more attention next time. Though the street was full of passers-by, no one asked me what I was doing or even seemed to notice. (NB: the other bicycle was a battered £70 Halfords-cheapo job, so if anyone thought it worth stealing I don’t suppose the… Read more »
Rudy Breteler
That happened to my friend in Cambridge, MA, earlier this year. Someone slapped a Ulock on there, and I assumed it was a thief. We called the police, but they refused to cut the lock because she had no proof of ownership for the bike (it was an old bike). So we attempted to bust it ourselves, in broad daylight (and failed, proving that we would not make very good bike thieves). The interesting thing about the exercise is how, in the middle of busy Inman Sq, nobody said anything during the two hours we were out there trying various… Read more »

THANK YOU for representing chopper/freak bike parking options! That totally made my day. Safe travels in your journeys!

Nye Martin

The drawing of the bike going “Oww” reminded me of the time I lent my bike against a wall and it fell over and I said “sorry”! 🙂