Fast Girls

There are what some folks call “fast girls:”

Fast Girls

And then there are fast girls:

Fast Girls

Apparently I’m the latter. And I feel bad sometimes because I really don’t mean any harm.

Fast Girls

But when the weather is good and I’m in a groove I get carried away. And then I go very fast.

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33 Responses to “Fast Girls”

  • Liz

    Yep, been there! I can’t help it, I’m so used to riding in the city that you have to be able to get a good sprint away from the lights, so whenever I go for a ride with the other half, I’m always speeding off! It’s even funnier if he gets a head start on me – he rides a sportier, lighter bike, but riding a sturdy steel bike means I’ve got a lot stronger – it’s so funny when he looks behind him, expecting me to be in the distance, and I’m right behind him!

  • John

    if i ever date a woman that can out pace me on a bike she’ll be a keeper. riding slowly is boring

  • scott

    I’ll always chase down a fast woman…Those are the ones worth it :)

  • Hehe that is my boyfriend and I. We balance each other out I suppose.

  • Ryan Surface

    Love all the dudes excuses much like John Belushi to Carrie Fisher in “The blues Brothers” ( ah the fragile mail ego. Myself I admire fast girls of both varieties ;-)

  • Sometimes these posts resemble my life so closely, I think you might be spying on me.

    It’s just so hard to slow down when the wind is in my face on a downhill! I’ll just coast through the entire uphill, so he can catch up then…

  • Sgt. Mustache

    Glad to see the Boston skyline….If you ever get down to Plymouth, let us know…I’m out of shape at present.

    BTW, we’re hosting a Steampunk Picnic here in Plymouth MA on the 22nd, at Pilgrim Memorial Park on the waterfront. We’ll be between the Rock and the Mayflower II from 1PM to 5PM.
    Bikes and vintage clothing optional, of course!

  • Hah. I ride a lot, and I think I am getting along not too bad. But my wife rides every day, and when we ride together, I often only get to see the taillights of her. Must be the beard…

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