Fair Weather

It’s almost winter. The weather has been changing and there have been some pretty rainy days. While the weather’s gross and I have other transportation options, I still end up on my bike.


Fair Weather


I’ve been told I’m weird, but it’s all relative. Everybody’s bad weather commute has an element of the ridiculous.

And while I don’t really like being out in the elements it still makes the most sense to me. After all, rain is just water and a bike is just the quickest way through the mess. All weather is fair weather if you have a good raincoat.

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Patrick Cafferty

Wow – way to miss the point, Bob. There’s a pretty big difference between a rainy day and a hurricane. It must be awfully tough to be you.


Studded tires are popular in our city area, Alberta for those who cycle through ice and snow. You can hear those tires crunching along on pavement.

I cycle only on dry pavement during winter. I haven’t yet bough studded tires, but my partner uses his set.

Hee hee. All you need is the right gear. As miserable as it must look, with the right gear I’m usually cozy, and then happy to be cycling and get warmed up. Cycling is usually faster than driving or taking public transit. If I go into the city, I have to take transit. Once I get in from the boonie bus and go to get the next bus, I will keep walking until the bus finally comes. No way can I handle standing and waiting especially in the cold. I don’t know why more people don’t do that. In urban… Read more »

Amazing the people who question me about biking to work in the rain, the cold, the snow, yet they’ll go out and play sports in the rain or (even more to the point) go skiing in any conditions possible. I guess it’s the idea of “going to work” that freaks them out more than being outdoors in the weather….


[…] all just agree that commuting in the rain stinks. […]

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