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3 years 7 days ago

You obviously conjure up the “Mary Poppins Effect” for them. Usually when a school us passes me, they all scream “Lance!!!” at me.

3 years 7 days ago

Hopefully you might even inspire some of those kids to join you on the bike.

3 years 7 days ago

And you should see the looks on schoolbus faces when they see this thing go past them:


Actually, it brings a smile to most people who see it, and drivers yield to us like we’re royalty.

3 years 6 days ago

Usually when this happens to me, they wonder why there’s a guy keeping up with the bus while it’s doing 40 mph 😛

3 years 6 days ago

I wonder what drum-biking behind a school bus would be like.

There’s only one way to find out.

Ethan Fleming
3 years 6 days ago

Would definitely catch some attention.

3 years 6 days ago

I never saw someone drumming while riding but I did see a guy commuting on Hampshire Street in Cambridge with drums in the right position to do so. Could you be that drummer? It looked like fun.

Too true about kids – hopefully the next generation will be more accepting of bicycles on the road.

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