Snow City

This past week the city got a lot of snow all at once. Over night the city transformed to something surreal and monstrous. It was hard to get around since nothing was plowed for bikes or shoveled well for pedestrians. But I think I figured it out- magic!

Snow City

I wonder why I’ve never tried this before? Oh, right, magic isn’t real. But gravity is.

Now can we clear out the bike traffic lanes?

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10 Responses to “Snow City”

  • We have 1.1 miles of bike lane in my town, and they are always the last to get cleared of anything, trash, snow, dead gang members, it all gets left in the bike lane.

  • It’s exactly the same in Stockholm, Sweden. Every year. ;-)

  • and…ticket the cars parked in in the bike lane.

    • Tim

      I believe they should be towed, not ticketed. Do you think for a second they would only ticket your bicycle if you parked it in an automobile traffic lane? Is that not a fair comparison? I believe it is.

      Unfortunately, municipalities don’t see it that way and a ticket is as far as they’ll go. Unfortunately, they don’t even bother with that, so motorists park in bike lanes with impunity.

    • I agree with Tim

  • pedal-fu

    Hello Bikeyface! I’ve been bike commuting for 11 yrs on the gulf coast (Pensacola,FL). I must say,i love your blog! I can definitely relate to numerous incidents you’ve previously depicted, and look forward to future posts. Your wit and humor make me even more proud to be a bike commuter. Keep posting, and keep riding!

  • Ethan Fleming

    I actually enjoyed it. I finally got to put my metal studded snow tires to good use.

  • Kevin Love

    Here is a video of cyclists after a snowfall in Utrecht. The City is very quick to clear the cycle paths, otherwise people could not get to work or wherever else they are going.

    Still, it is not possible to clear every snowflake the second after it falls, so the people have to cope with some snow.

  • Kyle

    They just finally cleared Western Ave today by the Harvard Business School, two short weeks after they cleared the car lanes. I was stunned – I was positive they were just going to leave it til the Spring.

  • Tim

    I like the not-so-subtle addition of the all-too-prevalent “get a car” mantra of so many ignorant, backward-thinking motorists. If only they knew how much fun they were missing out on…

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