A Nose Knows

Riding bikes is fun, but sometimes it’s hard to get down the street. Especially in a neighborhood with so many restaurants.

A Nose Knows

It’s so easy to be tempted to stop and eat everything. I’m personally keeping several restaurants in business that are on my route. But there’s danger in letting your stomach do the navigating. For example if some people figured out our weakness they may try to take advantage.

A Nose Knows

Then there’s plain old bait and switch.

A Nose Knows

And we haven’t even started barbecue season! If you’re cooking something good, don’t be surprised if I hop your fence. I should eat before I leave the house.

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Opus the Poet

That’s why cops should be on bikes rather than in cars, they can smell crimes before they see them (only half kidding about that).


Police should be on bikes to reduce city expenditures for fuel, maintenance and health care, and so the police can divest of their windshield bias.

But yes, I want crime fighters to use at least the sense of sight, sound and smell to chase down crime (using taste and touch might be a violation of people’s rights…)

Edwin Cohen

I’m sure you would like Portland….. well maybe we might be too polite

Peanut Butter

Oh, yes, the smells are so amazing. When I lived in my tiny coastal refuge, I passed a Thai place every time I commuted to work. Such a good smell.

Now the most “strong” odor I get is a vaguely skunky smell and a lot of patchouli when I roll through the student co-op ghetto. Still makes me hungry, though.


Ha ha .. good one! As always I can never start early on bike to have liberty of stopping with desire to eat! May be I shall look for leisure ride with nose in full action!

Lorri Lee Lown -- Savvy Bike

LOVE this! I used to ride my bike by 3 different chocolate factories on my way to Bikram yoga early in the morning (on an empty stomach). It was torture!

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