A Nose Knows

Riding bikes is fun, but sometimes it’s hard to get down the street. Especially in a neighborhood with so many restaurants.

A Nose Knows

It’s so easy to be tempted to stop and eat everything. I’m personally keeping several restaurants in business that are on my route. But there’s danger in letting your stomach do the navigating. For example if some people figured out our weakness they may try to take advantage.

A Nose Knows

Then there’s plain old bait and switch.

A Nose Knows

And we haven’t even started barbecue season! If you’re cooking something good, don’t be surprised if I hop your fence. I should eat before I leave the house.

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Ah yes, Cambridge Brands is on my way home, and I can always tell what they’re making when I ride by.
A co-worker and I were riding into work and talking about the “fake food” smells that certain chains pump out on purpose- Panera, Subway and Dunkin Donuts mostly.

And you’re right summer time is open window season, so it’s not just BBQ, but whatever anyone is making.
I’m always hungry when I get home.

Lee Hollenbeck

There is a coffee roaster in Winchester somewhere by the lakes, I have to follow my nose sometime.


Back in the days of the old NECCO factory one could ride down Mass Av in Cambridge enveloped in sugary sweetness.

Marge Evans

before Hostess went bankrupt, they had a bakery on Dexter, in Seattle. I loved the smell of it, even though I didn’t eat their products. love the summer when you can smell what everyone is making for dinner


It is the beer-making smells that get me, in Salt Lake City, UT of all places! I ride past two micro-breweries on the way home and if the wind is right I am ready for a cold one well before I get home!