A Nose Knows

Riding bikes is fun, but sometimes it’s hard to get down the street. Especially in a neighborhood with so many restaurants.

A Nose Knows

It’s so easy to be tempted to stop and eat everything. I’m personally keeping several restaurants in business that are on my route. But there’s danger in letting your stomach do the navigating. For example if some people figured out our weakness they may try to take advantage.

A Nose Knows

Then there’s plain old bait and switch.

A Nose Knows

And we haven’t even started barbecue season! If you’re cooking something good, don’t be surprised if I hop your fence. I should eat before I leave the house.

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Opus the Poet

I have found some good places to eat by following my nose when the wind wasn’t too strong, but here in TX that doesn’t happen very often.

Steve R.

There’s a Miller brewery and a baked goods plant right across the freeway from my favorite pizza place. Get within 1/2 mile and it smells like rising pizza dough. Mmmmm!

Gideon MW Jones

When I used to cycle home from college, I used to take a detour just so I could cycle past a biscuit factory. It smelled so good!


I ride past a Wonder Bread bakery and a massive sugar plant each morning. Both smell delicious. Extra sugar on my Wonder Bread, please…


That’s weird. When I visit my brother in Brookline I never smelled anything even though it seemed like there was a restaurant every 20 feet.