A Nose Knows

Riding bikes is fun, but sometimes it’s hard to get down the street. Especially in a neighborhood with so many restaurants.

A Nose Knows

It’s so easy to be tempted to stop and eat everything. I’m personally keeping several restaurants in business that are on my route. But there’s danger in letting your stomach do the navigating. For example if some people figured out our weakness they may try to take advantage.

A Nose Knows

Then there’s plain old bait and switch.

A Nose Knows

And we haven’t even started barbecue season! If you’re cooking something good, don’t be surprised if I hop your fence. I should eat before I leave the house.

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[…] being better connected to the environment and neighborhood, but there is a slight downside… A Nose Knows Particularly if you live in a neighborhood with lots of great restaurants. All we have is a […]

Claire Petersky

My daily commute used to take me through first a Vietnamese neighborhood, then Chinatown. In the morning, I could smell them making the stock for the pho. On the way home, the cooking smells of both neighborhoods was even more tantalizing. Big exception was the bilious, starchy smell pouring out of the Chinese noodle factory – that, I could have skipped.

Here, kitty kitty

Bikeyface! I used to work at MIT Museum and pass by the mysterious mint chocolate aroma every day on Windsor St. You just made my day!


My commute brings me by Neillio’s in Lexington. If it’s not them making meatballs it’s the firemen next door grilling in the backyard.

On the converse,cars that smell like cigarettes and vanilla air fresheners a mile away.


My (Seattle) commute route takes me by the Theo Chocolates factory. When they’re roasting the cocoa beans the whole neighborhood smells like the most perfect brownies!