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Rose Farver

<3 Great reason to ride your bike everywhere!


Think how much happier we’d all be if people got actual jaguars instead of fancy sports cars..
My anecdata is that the drivers of really fancy cars (like Jaguars or ferarris) are more civil drivers than the drivers of one tier down luxury cars like Mercedes and BMW. Something about compensation maybe.

Lonnie L. Jones

The worst drivers are the ones in the diesel pick-ups.


Maybe that is because when their cars cost as much as a house, they are a lot more concerned about dents and scratches.

Alexander Torres

Too true. They are all weasels, though.

Alan (Uncle Robot)

Best is passing the Hummer & Cadillac Escalada drivers as they sit high on their thrones and watch me speed away


Who knows? Maybe that guy has a Pinarello in the garage at home he’s afraid to ride in traffic.

Ethan Fleming

This is so true. I also notice drivers get upset when they can not go the speed they want to (or the speed the commercial say they can) because of traffic. Although when Im on a bike passing car after car in a traffic jam it makes me feel wonderful.

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