As someone who thinks of their bike as a car, sometimes I really wish bikes were a little more like cars. Because most drivers I know would not put up with this sort of thing…


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24 Responses to “Reversed”

  • Monica Briggs

    Great cartoon! Fun to see it from a car-owner’s perspective…I’ve never owned one, relying on my bike for the past 28 years as my sole transportation. Although it has meant compromising on jobs and living situations, I’m proud to be a car-free American.

    Regarding loss of bike accessories due to theft, I’ve learned that if I scuff up and vandalize my stuff (lights, bells, pumps) with a marker, I can leave them on my bike unharmed. I don’t really care how my bike looks–it’s covered with bumper stickers anyway.

  • Tim

    There are many other thing no one would do if we were cars … Like the right hook.

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