Small Steps

It’s spring, and there are many more bikes on the road. Others want to start biking. But changing to any new mode of transportation is a big lifestyle change and takes time. Just like learning to drive:

Baby Steps

When I finally started biking, it was intimidating because I didn’t know “how” to do it…. just like all the other things I found intimidating.

Baby Steps

But biking was one of those things I had to learn by doing.

Baby Steps

Over time I learned how to adapt my lifestyle.

Baby Steps

So if you are considering biking, you can’t change overnight. Break it down into small steps.

Baby Steps

Perhaps one day you’ll wonder how you ever got around without a bicycle.
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As someone trying to bike more in preparation for having no car at college, my biggest fear is riding in the street with cars. I feel like it’s too dangerous if I can’t keep up with their speed, which I feel I can’t.


weaselq, you can’t let fear prevent you from enjoying to ride a bicycle. Consider instead to research a cycling safety course, even if you might have to drive a distance to attend. Cycling Savvy is the one most often recommended by safe cyclists, but barring that, the LAB also has some courses that are almost as good.

Your speed is not as much of a factor as you might think and a good class will teach you to “lead the dance” as the expression goes. Look up Commute Orlando blog or Cycling Savvy for some useful information and links.


I thought I was ready for step 5, but riding to work with the weather in single digits (15 degree drop from the day before), feeling slightly uggy and in heals resulted in me needing to be rescued most of the way up a hill and puking in the car. Don’t skip steps!!

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