Traffic Talk

As far as I’m concerned, the only thing worse than spending hours of your life stuck in car traffic, is spending even more hours of your life talking about it.

Traffic Talk 1

Traffic Talk 2

Traffic Talk 3

Traffic Talk 4

Traffic Talk 5

Traffic Talk 6

Traffic Talk 7

Traffic Talk 8

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47 Responses to “Traffic Talk”

  • Phillip

    As was already mentioned, that last frame a thousand times over!
    And Bekka, that last frame’s smile, totally reminds me of a trollface/coolface:
    Love it.

  • OMG I love this so much! Similar things happen to me sometimes too. Thank you, Bikeyface rocks!

  • What a great cartoon. Honest, I’ve encountered waaaaaay too many times on the job.I live in prairie city that takes urban sprawl as a “right” , but with no limits.

    Half of the time I never know what to say with the ongoing car driving to work sagas. So I say nothing and ignore the conversation. That’s the most polite thing I could do –short of taking a nap. :)

  • dr2chase

    And biking to work is most awesome when the (car) traffic is worst:

  • Sarah

    I think this sentiment applies to everything that you or I may or may not like talking about! Every time my husband starts chattering about sports with his friends, I feel like the girl on the right doodling and drawing pictures and finally falling asleep, but that’s just the way of the world! We are forced to put up with annoying topics of conversation sometimes, and the key is to switch it up when you get the chance.
    Also, traffic, like weather, is a good fallback topic for uneasy or nervous speakers, because it’s not easy opening up about more interesting topics of conversation right off the bat, but speaking about the weather or traffic is something most people can relate to.

  • Jon Webb

    Yeah, and just after you say it was awesome they say they could never do that, it would take too long…

  • dave

    Hearing people talk about how great riding a bicycle is are just as annoying as people who talk about traffic. No one gives a shit.

    • Phillip

      @Dave – While nobody may give a shit about anything that doesn’t involve themselves, I think it’s safe to say that people would rather spend time surrounded by people emphasizing the positive things in life, rather than surrounded by griping and complaints. One is significantly more detrimental to morale and attitudes.

      That said, I do agree that there is a very strong difference between having a good attitude and gloating.

  • Oh, and I love the bike doodles. SO TRUE!

  • Trac

    A fitness instructor friend complains that she hates commuting to teach class in the morning (a 7-10 mi drive). All of her friends try to suggest alternative routes and she shoots them all down saying that there is too much traffic on all of them. She hates taking the freeway and the main road because they both suck. I suggest biking because it will probably take less time than driving (and the route is mostly a beautiful bike trail!), and her excuse is that she can’t afford to exercise that much because she teaches too many fitness classes.

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