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As always, great job.


Your work just keeps getting better. Just amazing. Bravo!


The other day I listened to a woman, a very proper, older woman discuss the things you should never discuss as they are quite boring to your listeners. Among the list was traffic stories (also dreams, health, sleep problems…).




Sounds like this older woman had no empathy. Those with no empathy have no patience for other’s problems. I hope our artist doesn’t complain as these people do when it rains or snows, ’cause for the biking population, that’s how it goes! Those of us on both sides know car problems suck, and bike problems suck. I don’t have kids but I can listen to other’s talk about their kids and issues without judgement. I do like the comic, tho…

John H

@Hünky-Doorsy: Plenty of us ride in the rain and snow; it’s not a big deal with the proper clothes.

Heidi Senior

That was on This American Life. And to be fair, they were things you shouldn’t discuss at a dinner party. http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/511/transcript


I love your cartoons, and I am even more impressed by your attitude about everything.

You show me there is hope, i just fail miserably at changing things. But thank you for showing me that there is so much more out there.


You can also replace all the traffic talk with ranting about how terrible the T was… super crowded, had to wait for two more trains, train broke down, annoying people with backpacks, doors wouldn’t open, etc…