A Place to Ride

Bike are a popular present for Christmas. And no doubt many kids are jumping with excitement about their new bicycles right now. However, very soon they will get wise to the nature of the world.

Someplace to Ride

Someplace to Ride

Someplace to Ride

Yep, within a few months they’ll know what they want next Christmas.

Someplace to Ride

So let’s help deliver it to them this year.

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In Toronto, we have our answer. Every day of the year (almost), until 10 PM. It is AMAZING.


Oops, I forgot to say the name of the place: Joyride 150. A seriously cool place.

Ana Stingel

I have lost two wonderful mature and productive colleagues in mental health, in different circunstances, who were exercising on their bycicles in new bikelanes, created by authorities in main streets in both capitals in Rio and in São Paulo, and were killed by buses, along one year.

Traffic and drivers must be better stuidied and adapted to ciclists, here! at least, before risks are taken. To say the least.


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