If You Were Me

The other day I vented to an acquaintance about an issue that’s frustrated me this winter. However, this led to several more issues for me to be frustrated about.

If You Were Me

For a moment I actually felt bad for picking this battle.

But I knew this person. And if she were me, it would go like this.

If You Were Me

Yes, and drivers wouldn’t take this sort of response either.

So I made a resolution to speak up more. I don’t deserve to be treated as lesser than other commuters.


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25 Responses to “If You Were Me”

  • Heather

    If anyone bikes around where I live (Midwest) they’re going to be parking their bikes in the building where they work at. That’s what I usually do. And I’ve seen many others do the same thing.

  • Ellen

    I’m a recent transplant to Boston, and I found it surprising and frustrating how often I had to take the lane on otherwise “bike-friendly” roads, merely because road plowing does not extend to ALL the lanes on the road (LIKE THE ONE I AM RIDING IN RIGHT NOW, OR WOULD BE, IF IT WAS NOT FULL OF SNOW).

    Sigh. Good post.

  • Shawn

    You forgot all of the snowplows that ‘plow’ the bike racks.
    That is, they plow right into them, and destroy them!

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