If You Were Me

The other day I vented to an acquaintance about an issue that’s frustrated me this winter. However, this led to several more issues for me to be frustrated about.

If You Were Me

For a moment I actually felt bad for picking this battle.

But I knew this person. And if she were me, it would go like this.

If You Were Me

Yes, and drivers wouldn’t take this sort of response either.

So I made a resolution to speak up more. I don’t deserve to be treated as lesser than other commuters.


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It’s not much of an issue here because there are so few bike racks to begin with and finding secure parking is a chore with or without snow. Also, just watching the meter maid go by issuing tickets to all those cars parked outside my little workplace makes me appreciate the forces at work creating an equilibrium of some sort.


Same thing in Minneapolis. I just stopped at my doctor’s clinic. parking was plowed, sidewalks were clear. Bike rack hasn’t been shoveled out all year. On the other hand, all the bike parking at or local food coop is clear of snow and the bike racks in front of the coffee shop are useable.

Jon Webb

Plus, they’re using those wheelbender parking spaces, so there’s only two good places to park, at the ends.

Raymond Paquette

Completely agree. We have some decent bicycling infrastructure here in Western MA, and a fairly strong commitment on the part of local governments. Yet, they are still asking for volunteers to maintain the trails.

I can remember any time that I was asked to maintain a section of street.


*sniff* Stop, you’re breaking my heart. *sniff*


Here here! I have also seen innocent bike parking being plowed down by careless snowplows, so badly they become unuseable.