Not Asking for It

The other day I was biking to work when this happened:


I wouldn’t think anything of it if it happened once. But I’ve noticed my attire seems to prompt certain responses in other road users.


How do I know it’s not just an off day? Because I have the ability to change clothes.

Some days I’m this cyclist:


And later that same evening I might be this cyclist:


I’m called out on my appearance daily as I go about my business on public streets without the cover of a car.


Even “ordinary” attire has drawbacks.


It’s no surprise that most days I find myself dressing to get the reaction I want when I bike. Or at least the most benign reaction.


But no matter what I’m wearing it’s still just me: complex, multi-dimensional, and in awesome shape.

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That’s typical doesn’t matter what you wear you always get someone trying either trying torun you over or strange looks.A thick skin is needed.


People hate following me because a) I’m slow and b) I have lights on the back bright enough to create an emergency landing strip…

Justin Schroder

I am given extra space when I wear my orange construction vest. It’s super huge and will fit over a full backpack.



Regardless of what you are wearing and if you are walking or biking, you don’t have to take the street harassment.

Una Nelson-White

Love it. You got me and so many other women bikers and the motorists response to how we dress. One you missed was dressed for interview (Power Suit) and showing up for interview on bike. I always love the “O’ My God”, you came on your bike response of interviewers. It is priceless.