Not Asking for It

The other day I was biking to work when this happened:


I wouldn’t think anything of it if it happened once. But I’ve noticed my attire seems to prompt certain responses in other road users.


How do I know it’s not just an off day? Because I have the ability to change clothes.

Some days I’m this cyclist:


And later that same evening I might be this cyclist:


I’m called out on my appearance daily as I go about my business on public streets without the cover of a car.


Even “ordinary” attire has drawbacks.


It’s no surprise that most days I find myself dressing to get the reaction I want when I bike. Or at least the most benign reaction.


But no matter what I’m wearing it’s still just me: complex, multi-dimensional, and in awesome shape.

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Love the first picture, mirrors my experience exactly.
I live in a VERY hilly city in the UK. Though I look like an avarage 41 year old Mum on a bike, I have been riding those hills for 15 years and beneath the flowery skirt I have thighs of steel (and I also have lungs as big as a cow).

I’ve seen many “sportmen” in the full lycra get up wonder why they’re finding it so hard to pass me!


As a daily commuter and a regular cyclist, it’s humorous to see how much this mirrors my experience as well! I just had someone at work yesterday whispering in hushed tones about how I rode my bike to work in a dress. But there’s always the regular (when the weather is bad, when I’m bringing food for the potluck, when I have to carry a display) question at work, “Did you ride your bike ‘today’?!” The answer is always “YEP!”

love this! people always ask me “you rode to work in that dress?” as if there is something that doesn’t compute. I don’t know what doesn’t compute, except that I can’t ride in a super long flowy dress or a super tight miniskirt. Otherwise, how is it different than riding a groty bus, walking, or otherwise transporting your body from Point A to Point B? I can’t decide if people are horrified (in which case I don’t care) or intrigued (like, they want to bike too, but didn’t think they could in regular office clothes) in which case I try… Read more »
I totally get this post. I ride a road bike that looks a lot like a cruiser – mixte frame, upright handlebars. And I don’t really don the sausage skins unless I am riding 30 miles or more. I can’t believe how patronizing drivers and other bikers are. Bikers can be the worst. They don’t realize that that race inspired crap that they are riding and wearing doesn’t make sense in the context of commuting, going to the grocery store, or being comfortable when recreational riding. I’ve been cycling 40 years and I don’t need ignorant condescension. Thanks for the… Read more »
Susan Lee

I love the helmet! All though, Yakkay has wonderful helmets and very urbanized!!

Una Nelson-White

I have a wonderful helmet cover from Rocki Noggins. I have not removed it from my helmet, since I got it. I get tons of complements and where did you get that’s on it.