Sometimes when I see “Share the Road” on signs I think there needs to be a silly cartoon character to go with the message:

Sharing is Caring

Don’t get me wrong, in a world without cycle tracks sharing the road is obviously a necessary thing. But on a sign it’s a little simplistic. It isn’t actually clear what type of sharing is supposed to happen- that’s left open to interpretation.

Sharing is Caring

Perhaps there could be more “Bicyclists May Use Full Lane” signs. We can leave messages about sharing (and squeaky cartoon characters) to the kids.



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My biggest worry with signs like these is that they may give the impression that “share the road” or “bikes may use full lane” only apply where the signs are present, when in fact it applies anywhere that bikes are permitted. The town of Lexington just repainted Bedford St (Route 4/225) with a bike lane about a week ago. (It is plenty wide enough for it, but previously there was no designated bike lane — cyclists just rode to the right as a matter of course.) Of course, the bike lane is already full of gravel and dirt and other… Read more »
Richard Froh

I suggest that States place BMFUL signs at all limited access highway exit ramps.


Yes, a “Bicyclist use full lane” sign would be preferred. But in deference to Adam, it should have a subtext: “Bicyclists always can use the full lane, this is just a reminder.”

Steve Magas

I wrote a piece on this issue – “Share The Road… STINKS…”

Richard C. Moeur
Beautiful. 🙂 (of course now the Road Safety Chipmunk will be haunting my nightmares for months, but that’s a small price to pay) It’s interesting, but a review of the Final Rule that stuck the “Share The Road” plaque in the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) seems to indicate that it was proposed and supported by farm equipment interests, not bicyclists. And signs that show a bicyclist (especially in the end-view “pogo stick” configuration) to the side of another vehicle are interpreted as saying that “bikes must always stay off to the side” – I even had… Read more »
The problem is that many states use “share the road” plaque where they should be posting “may use full lane” sign. Note terminology. Former is designated as plaque. Latter is sign. Looking at, “share the road” plauque is only intended to supplement bicycle warning sign: 9B.19: 02 In situations where there is a need to warn motorists to watch for bicyclists traveling along the highway, the SHARE THE ROAD (W16-1P) plaque (see Figure 9B-3) may be used in conjunction with the W11-1 sign. May use full lane is the sign to use on substandard width streets and roads: 9B.06:… Read more »