The other day I was relaxing at a cafe when I found myself eavesdropping.


Why did he feel the need to speak to the bicyclist and why did he assume the cyclist was somehow ignorant? Would this guy similarly attack other people doing things that he viewed as poor judgement? Or is it just bicyclists?


I’m sick of the helmet hype. It’s time to hype up infrastructure until “cycle track” is in everyone’s vocabulary. I dream of the day this guy will ask the city what’s up with the street design that makes cyclists feel like they need to wear helmets.

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A bit tangential to the discussion at hand, but I will say, having had a roommate who was a smoker, the last scenario depicted does happen in real life. All kinds of people would come up to her, be they friends, acquaintances or strangers, to ask if she knew how bad smoking was. But did she actually know? But cancer?

Lee Hollenbeck
So I come from a mt biking background. Everybody wears helmets. Different situation, rocks, trees, technical challenges etc. Off road I have split a helmet, cracked one and dented another. All worked well, got up and walked away. Commuting I fell off on a wet corner, landed on my back and back of head, got up and walked away. Helmet dented and did the job of protecting my head. Makes sense for me to wear one commuting. After 5 years and 12,000 miles , shit happens. Like accidents, dogs, kids, wet leaves and pavement, crazy squirrels and i pod zombies… Read more »

For people who think slipping on ice with your bike and banging your head is a sure thing, take a look at this video of Dutch cyclists, thirty-one of them, none of whom are wearing helmets, slipping and falling on the ice. They instinctively lift their heads to keep their heads from hitting the ground. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lqo4hwnJt6Y

Lee Hollenbeck

No helmet, good luck with that. YRMV.

I bring my folder to work in the trunk of my car and unfold at lunch to explore the fair city. Today as I was joyfully exiting the parking garage, my two-wheeled existence really miffed a lady pulling into the garage in her SUV. The appearance of a middle aged woman in a skirt riding a bike out of the garage simply surprised her, nothing was amiss. I could see her stop short, do a double take and start flailing her arms behind her tinted glass windows. I heard her yelp in surprise and start babbling something, but I was… Read more »