The other day I was relaxing at a cafe when I found myself eavesdropping.


Why did he feel the need to speak to the bicyclist and why did he assume the cyclist was somehow ignorant? Would this guy similarly attack other people doing things that he viewed as poor judgement? Or is it just bicyclists?


I’m sick of the helmet hype. It’s time to hype up infrastructure until “cycle track” is in everyone’s vocabulary. I dream of the day this guy will ask the city what’s up with the street design that makes cyclists feel like they need to wear helmets.

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Mark Garvey

I get that a lot. But while I love cycling and motorcycles too. I don’t love the magic hat syndrome. It isn’t magic. It won’t save you. It makes other people feel better.


For a while there in the aughties, I would get the “where’s your helmet?” question or the “WHERE’S YOUR HELMET!” passing shout a few times a year while out on my bike commuting or running errands.

It haven’t heard it in years. I’m not really sure why.

I’m sure that the wheresyourhelmet environment varies from region to region and even town to town.


Safety Nazis. Should require knee pads as well because you could crash your bike and bust a knee and need a meat wagon to take you to the hospital. My body, my choice.

Marge Evans

I think I guy like that would say everything you illustrated. 🙂

Noah Weiss

I will never be seen riding my bike sans-helmet, because it was three years ago tomorrow that I was hit by a car and was thrown into the windshield, wearing a helmet. I don’t even want to THINK about what would have happened if I were not wearing one.

Although I try not to belittle others that ride without wearing helmets (based on my “live-and-let-live” philosophy), I certainly am belittling in my mind. I have to find a way to banish the toxic thoughts.

A J MacDonald Jr

I agree.


I’ve broken two helmets over the years…. Better broken styrofoam than
broken skull, that’s my thinking anyway…

lagatta à montréal

You belittle me, even in your mind, and the Cat Goddess will get you! Hisssssss!

lagatta, who has several riding bérets from angora to cotton…


I don’t want to think about it either, So I won’t.