No Butts

The weather is getting colder and I’ve found myself caught behind some cyclists suffering from a very specific problem.

No Butts

It got me thinking… if I ever Kickstarted a bike-related accessory maybe it should be this:

No Butts

But I’m not going to Kickstarter it. I’m afraid it would actually be taken seriously and get crazy over-funded. So, for now, if you find your butt is getting frostbitten I recommend wearing a longer coat and/or belt.



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I’m always recommending pants by Duluth Trading Company to other cyclists. They’re made for people who make a living with their hands, so they’re incredibly sturdy (I’ve been riding almost every day in mine since 2011 and besides some of the dye wash fading, they’re not even worn a little bit in the seat/thighs) and they’re cut higher in the back to prevent crackage when bending over. Their women’s pants are also just as sturdy and full of pockets as the men’s.


Duluth Trading Company also carries shirts with longer tails too… “crack spackle”


Turn it into a fuzzy fanny pack!


Levi’s 511 commuter jeans are great. They have a higher rise in the back, the fabric is a little stretchy, and they have reflective specks in the material so they are visible at night.


Don’t remember seeing this is Minneapolis– be we know how to survive riding in real winter


I just tuck my shirt in…