For Lack of a Rack

This weekend I had to run a quick errand in the Back Bay and ran into a problem.

For Lack of a Rack

While I prefer not to lock to railings either other options are not always provided. And the number of racks in Boston hasn’t grown as fast as the number of bikes. So even when there is a rack…

For Lack of a Rack

Enough is enough. I’ve decided to of take the matter into my own hands.

For Lack of a Rack

So whenever I need to lock up I won’t be lacking a rack.

For Lack of a Rack


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Mary Anne Koos

I love starting my day with your wit. Seems like it’s time for an in-street bike corral.


In Boston, some of the trees I used to lock to have grown too wide; need a new length of chain to get around them. Otherwise, if I have my daughter in the trailer, I enjoy taking parking spaces away from cars, since my combined bike/trailer unit is long & heavy. As I look like a dwarf from the “Hobbit” movies, no one has dared say anything to me; with no bike racks around, I’d like to see them try.

Definitely have this problem where I live. ZERO bike racks that I have seen in my town. It’s a real problem when I haul my trailer to the grocery store. At Aldi I can lock up to the railings where all the shopping carts go, unless there are too many carts being stored there. Target in the next town over has some bike locking posts, but that’s about it. And yes I have wheeled my bike with me (not with trailer) into a few stores on occasion when there have been literally no place at all to lock up.

That’s really too bad your city isn’t more proactive with bike racks. Ours are quite nice in the downtown areas, and are even a bit artsy or architectural in style 🙂


The best thing about resident parking signs is they make a great pole to lock your bike to.