For Lack of a Rack

This weekend I had to run a quick errand in the Back Bay and ran into a problem.

For Lack of a Rack

While I prefer not to lock to railings either other options are not always provided. And the number of racks in Boston hasn’t grown as fast as the number of bikes. So even when there is a rack…

For Lack of a Rack

Enough is enough. I’ve decided to of take the matter into my own hands.

For Lack of a Rack

So whenever I need to lock up I won’t be lacking a rack.

For Lack of a Rack


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Riddley Walker
In Melbourne, and all other Australian cities, it is very very rare to see “do not lock bicycle here” signs. They only apply to particular busy thoroughfares, or specific cases where the fencing may actually be moved for emergency vehicles etc. In almost every case any kind of street furniture is up for grabs. Posts, trees, seating, railings, it all gets used. Most of out local governments will also add bike parking hoops on request, the City of Melbourne installed over 400 last year (on top of many already extant hoops). For example, the railings outside Flinders St Station. There… Read more »

I love this idea so much.


Why not suggest to the city fathers the idea of incorporating the racks into the parking meter posts? (I assume there are parking meters in some portions of the Boston area, I have not been there in over 40 years.

Matthew Gonzalez

Those are some amazing drawing skills – wish I had something like this myself, since I love to create. Thanks for the article, keep up the awesome blog!


[…] I stumbled across a blog called Bikeyface. They create funny cartoons about the realities of using a bike as your primary mode of transportation. While I can’t relate to all of them (seeing as I use a car most of the time and don’t live in a giant city), I really liked one about the lack of bike racks on the post For Lack of a Rack. […]

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