Two Mile Touring



This time of year, I usually find myself in conversation with someone who is curious about my bike habit. Often they feel like they could never do it themselves.  So I usually give some simple starting advice.I'd Bike But...


Because pretty much anyone can ride a bicycle for two miles- for fun, to run an errand, to get dinner with a friend, to explore their neighborhood. Maybe after that they’ll ride two more miles… and then two more…then two more.



So just ride a bicycle two miles (anywhere) today. Maybe tomorrow too.

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This reminds me of when I started riding again a couple of years ago. I figured I could ride to my dojo, maybe. It was a pretty big deal that I had to psych myself up for. I was worried I’d be too worn out to work out. I allowed over half an hour for it.

That ride was a whopping 2.7 miles each way. Now I commute to work 9 miles each way, two days a week, and almost always ride to the dojo.

Uncle Robot

I led the SW Boston Friday Bike to Work ride this morning: 6 people left from West Roxbury, 1/2 doz more in Roslindale, by the time we got to the SW Corridor bike path there were 20 of us. There were bike traffic jams on the bike path on the way into downtown. Its getting almost as bad as Amsterdam!


At the 4th class of our Adult Learn-to-Ride class (for adults who have NEVER ridden a bike before) we take them on a two mile ride on streets and trails. They love it. If they can do two miles, anyone can!

Erica Gamet

I have never heard of these classes. I’m trying to get more “non-cyclists” involved in cycling in my new town. Any pointers on how to start up a group here? Thanks! I want people to know they don’t even need to identify as a “cyclist” to ride the streets and enjoy even little trips by bike!

Clark in Vancouver

So, outside of the U.S. can we go 3K? A little shorter but easy to say.

This is a good idea but I prefer to just leave people alone. I really don’t care what they do. Some coworkers already are bent out of shape just my by existence, so pressuring them to do something different is kind of a stretch.


My 4-year-old daughter, Calico, has already done over 2 miles on her “Toy Story” bicycle, so any excuse is hereby revoked.