Two Mile Touring



This time of year, I usually find myself in conversation with someone who is curious about my bike habit. Often they feel like they could never do it themselves.  So I usually give some simple starting advice.I'd Bike But...


Because pretty much anyone can ride a bicycle for two miles- for fun, to run an errand, to get dinner with a friend, to explore their neighborhood. Maybe after that they’ll ride two more miles… and then two more…then two more.



So just ride a bicycle two miles (anywhere) today. Maybe tomorrow too.

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Elaine Bennett

I work from home, and feel so left out that I can’t “bike to work!” DH rides to work a lot, and raved about the free breakfast, swag and party yesterday. JEALOUS! I do bike for as many local errands as I can, and love it.

Erica Gamet

I work from home, too. I often work at a table at Starbucks. On BTW day, I pick a new Starbucks that I can get to via a BTW route (preferably one with breakfast…hah) and go work there for the day. No need to be left out!


Thanks for the good laugh (again), especially the first frame. Cycletherapy is a real thing, even in North Americar.

Noah Weiss

Great idea. For short trips, I would much rather ride my bike than walk or drive. (I don’t have a car, so the latter is obviously not an option).


I don’t have time to take the subway, shop something, take the subway back and then exercise at a gym later that night. I bike more then I walk. It’s time saving, money saving, fun and healthy. Of course I use a bicycle basket and shop my food by bike as well. Every day is a bike day!


How about “in the time it took you to come up with all those excuses you could have been there already”