So you’re biking along in a city of hundreds of thousands of other people all trying to get places simultaneously. And suddenly you run into an obstacle.


Yes, you run into a big giant Whatever.

A “Whatever” is a person who indifferently dismisses everything you see as supremely important (your life, health, along with necessary societal rules) with a word most commonly used by teenage girls in the mid-nineties. They do it in such a chronically disaffected way they cannot be argued with, not even engaging a discussion that checks off all the anti-cylist clichés. Any expression of passion or appeals to their empathy as a human being simply falls on deaf ears as they simply go about their life as if they are the only person on the planet. 

This is a disease and the symptoms are clear.




However, a cure is not so clear. Especially because there seems to be many other Whatever’s out there to help perpetuate this.

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Opus the Poet

Cyclist,”Dude, you almost got me killed there!” Driver, “Whatever.” [cyclist beats driver to death with u-lock] “Whatever, dude.”

Kevin Love

I am not sure that I approve of violence, but a good non-violent alternative is to damage their enabling tools. For example, as you go by, knock the cell telephone from their hand. It is unlikely to survive impact with the pavement.

Talking with this sort of person is an utter waste of time. They really, genuinely, authentically, care only about themselves. There are even writers and authors who celebrate a philosophy of 100% pure selfishness. Imposing personal consequences upon them really is the only language they understand. Sad, but true.

Daniel Rinehart

I think you meant “Bus Stop” not “Bust Stop”.


I am not one to advocate violence but perhaps a good dope slap is in order https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4ZgVRJ-H8U


Just say nothing, and when he goes in the building, scrawl WHATEVER onto his hood.