So you’re biking along in a city of hundreds of thousands of other people all trying to get places simultaneously. And suddenly you run into an obstacle.


Yes, you run into a big giant Whatever.

A “Whatever” is a person who indifferently dismisses everything you see as supremely important (your life, health, along with necessary societal rules) with a word most commonly used by teenage girls in the mid-nineties. They do it in such a chronically disaffected way they cannot be argued with, not even engaging a discussion that checks off all the anti-cylist clichés. Any expression of passion or appeals to their empathy as a human being simply falls on deaf ears as they simply go about their life as if they are the only person on the planet. 

This is a disease and the symptoms are clear.




However, a cure is not so clear. Especially because there seems to be many other Whatever’s out there to help perpetuate this.

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If they ignore my bell, I just run into them. Slowly, for my own safety.

Let them hate, as long as the fear, as the saying goes.

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