When I bicycle around Boston it’s mostly vehicularly. While the rules of the road generally give some order to the roads- I always need be extra vigilant and assume drivers don’t see me.


I’m experienced, follow the rules of the road, and best practices for bicycling. I can do everything in my power- but there’s no barrier if a driver is inattentive.


It is obvious that there is a better way. Re-educationBut why so much resistance to making the dream a reality?Re-education

No amount of education can fix an unequal match of people riding bikes next to cars. And only re-designing the roads will invite more people to ride a bicycle.

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Your illustration of a truly protected bike lane needs to be in every bike planners deck! If you won’t let your child ride in a bike lane then it isn’t a properly designed bike lane!

Kelly S

You mean it’s not polite to shout “a–hole!!!” when someone gets too close to your bicycle (and child trailer)?
I’ve thought about getting one of those compressed air horns to put in a cupholder mounted to the handlebar. Too close and BWAAAAPP!!! Do you notice me now??

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