New Shoes

Sometimes my non-bikey friends don’t quite understand my bike obsession.

New Shoes

So I have to find ways to make it relatable to those not as familiar with the lifestyle.


New Shoes

I find it makes more sense to compare bikes to shoes than cars or household appliances like vacuum cleaners. Shoe obsessions are very relatable.

New Shoes

And both bikes and shoes are very useful for getting around. Cars and vacuum cleaners, not so much.

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I have three bikes myself three are Electric assist. One you fold up to take on the trains
One is to go shopping, my Green Speed Recumbent is for long distance.
I got rid of my automobile, & I don’t miss it.


I own three Bikes, one is an Recumbent Trike for long distance. The other is a fold up E Bike by Fi Field for the trains. E bike Trek is for food shopping.

David Whitmon

Bicycles aren’t obsessions. My 1992 Litespeed E-Stay mountain, my 1997 Burley Rock and Roll Tandem bicycle, my 2003 Santana and my second Carbon Fiber 2015 Velomobile Quest.

Well….maybe my Velomobile is my obsession….. 😉

As for shoes, I have a pair of boots and a pair of cycling shoes…..

Clark in Vancouver

One reason for more than one bike is for out of town visitors to use. Would the analogy be when you have an out of town guest who didn’t bring rubber boots to visit and it started pouring?

Emma Bull

Yes! And those snow boots are a fat-tire bike, or a certain variety of mountain bike, depending on the snow. (Says the reader from Minnesnowta.)