New Shoes

Sometimes my non-bikey friends don’t quite understand my bike obsession.

New Shoes

So I have to find ways to make it relatable to those not as familiar with the lifestyle.


New Shoes

I find it makes more sense to compare bikes to shoes than cars or household appliances like vacuum cleaners. Shoe obsessions are very relatable.

New Shoes

And both bikes and shoes are very useful for getting around. Cars and vacuum cleaners, not so much.

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Zed Fecten

When a co-worker asked why I needed two bikes, I pointing at my road bike and said, “This is my Miata.” Then I
pointed at my touring bike: “This is my station wagon.”

Well, I actually thought of that at 3 AM that night, but…

Tyson White

This is awesome! Ha ha! Nice Brompton, btw!

big little joey

cars and vacuum cleaners suck. ba ha ha

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