Drive Month?

Bike Month is a month to get more people on bikes. But as I biked to work this May it seemed more like Everybody Drive Month.

Drive Month

Maybe it’s cheap gas or the season- but the roads were jammed with cars and and everyone was stressing more than usual.

Drive Month

It’s clear that prioritizing private cars is not working for the city- and trying to fit more of them is not the solution.

Drive Month

Perhaps there should be a Car-free Month to encourage cities and commuters to think about how to reinvent rush hour with using different transportation options and fewer single occupant vehicles.

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Marge Evans

it isn’t just sovs. In Seattle, Amazon got rid of the bike couriers and went went car couriers. Add in all the Uber and Lyft drivers.

Alan Wright
Comments section in Boston Globe articles on need for more infrastructure for increasing population and climate change conference to be held here next year were filled with attacks on car lanes having been ripped out for bicycles. A few bicyclists defended them. And a few blamed the increase in traffic on more immigrants! Some just want to hang onto the past even though it has failed. Was in Montreal 2 weeks ago for Boston Cyclists Union bike ride. There were bike lanes and cycle tracks everywhere and people on bikes using them. Also, maybe 1/2 as many cars. Fossil fuels… Read more »

Rush hour. What a joke of a term. No one rushes anywhere because they cannot. And it’s way more than an hour. In the DC area, it’s more like all day. I was recently in LA on a Sunday morning, six AM, and the 110 was already at a standstill.

P Buddery

I love cars. I also love bikes, and bike commuting is the best and most entertaining way of dealing with what would otherwise be a boring problem. I don’t understand why all the other car lovers don’t ride their bikes. On a bike, you get to play with lots of gears, you get to pedal, you get to dart through the scenery, you get to ride a bike. Bikes are more involving than a lot of modern cars (unless you drive them really fast around corners, and no car is boring when driven fast around corners).

Bikes are wonderful.


Great idea, I am living 20 clics from my work, definitely gonna spend two hours getting there by bike when all it takes in car is goddamn 15 minutes


12 miles? Do you drive to the gym? Could get there in an hour or less. With a happy face @ work. Pay for parking? Find a parking space? Stuck in a cage or out in fresh air? Options are a good thing.