Creative Deterrents

  Yesterday, I had to bike to a less familiar area of town. I was unsure how safe the area was, and, once I locked up my lovely bike, I found it hard...

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When a Bike Bell Rings…

…Nothing happens at all. Nope, absolutely nothing. Even with the loudest, biggest bells I can find nobody hears me coming on my bike. I’d get a horn, but I really don’t want to...

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Racking up Points

The good news is a lot of places have started adding bicycle racks to accommodate people who arrive by bike. The bad news is, these racks don’t actually accommodate people who arrive by...

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Heat Wave

It’s the 4th day straight with temperatures in the 90′s here, and humid. So it’s really tempting to just lay around and soak up whatever air conditioning I can find. But of course...

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The Real World

Everyday there’s more and more technology to keep us more connected… at work: …at home: …even during our commute: With “social media” connecting us, there’s something missing. The real world. And real people....

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Forecast Says?

It’s always hard for me to figure out what to wear for each season. But this time of year, New England weather seems to change every 15 minutes (sometimes to extremes) and often...

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Left Bank Bike

When I had a car I wasn’t one of those people who loved their car. And my car was certainly not an extension of my personality. But since I started biking, I’ve been...

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Small Steps

It’s spring, and there are many more bikes on the road. Others want to start biking. But changing to any new mode of transportation is a big lifestyle change and takes time. Just...

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Need for Speed

Yeah, everybody knows traffic is bad. But sometimes it’s outright embarrassing.     Especially if you spent $60-90K on your car with the promise of speed, agility, and driver engagement. And have this...

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