Traffic Talk

As far as I’m concerned, the only thing worse than spending hours of your life stuck in car traffic, is spending even more hours of your life talking about it.

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Utility vs. Sport

Because I bike everywhere and that is odd to many people, I get a lot of odd questions. Explaining the difference between utility cyclist and sport cyclist has gotten old. So I’ve just...

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Romancing the Bike

It seems some people can’t see anything romantic about biking in the city. To me, that seems ridiculous. Bicycling is full of meet-cute situations, laughter, and the chance of romance all with a beautiful city...

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Bike Jam

Not to long ago, there weren’t that many people riding bicycles around Boston and surrounding areas. The few who did were pretty badass. Badass and lonely.     Now the lone cyclist is...

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Not Athletic

Because people notice I bike somehow I keep finding myself in this conversation: It’s funny people think I’m athletic. Obviously they didn’t know me way back when. I only survived gym class because...

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Creative Deterrents

  Yesterday, I had to bike to a less familiar area of town. I was unsure how safe the area was, and, once I locked up my lovely bike, I found it hard...

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When a Bike Bell Rings…

…Nothing happens at all. Nope, absolutely nothing. Even with the loudest, biggest bells I can find nobody hears me coming on my bike. I’d get a horn, but I really don’t want to...

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Racking up Points

The good news is a lot of places have started adding bicycle racks to accommodate people who arrive by bike. The bad news is, these racks don’t actually accommodate people who arrive by...

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Heat Wave

It’s the 4th day straight with temperatures in the 90’s here, and humid. So it’s really tempting to just lay around and soak up whatever air conditioning I can find. But of course...

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