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Everyday Bike

When people meet me they sometimes think I would always ride a fancy bike. But most days I ride a very plain hybrid. But what she lacks in style, she makes up in attitude. She’s very good at handling situations. Like when would-be thieves approach her… …She’s very feisty and doesn’t take any shit. She can […]

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The Most Perfectest Safety Gear

There’s a lot of safety gear made for cyclists. Reflective vests, ankle reflectors, mirrors, flags, lights, more lights, fancy lights, super fancy lights. However with all of these products it seems that cars still like to run into us. Even on purpose. Perhaps there is better safety solution. A better way to protect ourselves. Maybe […]

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Men in Skirts

There are many blogs about women biking in skirts and heels full of advice and tips. There are fewer about men biking in skirts and heels. Perhaps there is an underserved audience. Maybe men could also benefit from wearing skirts in traffic? So this week I conducted some undercover research to maybe offer some tips. […]

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