Bikey Road Conditions

Drive Month?

Bike Month is a month to get more people on bikes. But as I biked to work this May it seemed more like Everybody Drive Month. Maybe it’s cheap gas or the season- but the roads were jammed with cars and and everyone was stressing more than usual. It’s clear that prioritizing private cars is not working for the city- and trying to […]

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Typically, bicycling in winter is a little more complicated but manageable. But after 5 feet of snow has fallen within a month here, this winter is nowhere near manageable. It’s pretty unpleasant to bicycle, I admit it. I’ve considered other options but all of them are even more unpleasant. And just when getting around Boston was bad, it got worse as public transit […]

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Road Demons

Pothole season is in full swing here. Drivers are concerned about potholes because of potential damage to their cars. But I see potholes differently. Gravel or road debris may not even register with drivers except for the outside chance of a cracked windshield. But all I see is: Sometimes I report issues to the city. And […]

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